Signs and Symptoms of Impotence

There is no category of men in the world that at least once in their lifetime without haven’t experienced disorders with potency. And those members of the strong half of humanity, which experienced about two or three times absence of full erection, necessary in a particular situation.

There are so many circumstances by which «masculine dignity» can fail. What in one aspect can be normal and simply eliminated, in another – may be an indicator of erectile dysfunction (impotence) and require urgent professional treatment.

There distinguish such impotence symptoms as: organic and psychogenic.

erectile dysfunction

Impotence and its Types

There are types of impotence, which are presented in two major categories: organic and psychological.

  1. Erectile dysfunction of organic type is a state of male sexual weakness, which over time tends to increase and is explained by reasons of exclusively physiological nature. For example, problems with vessels. Symptoms of organic impotence: complete lack of erection, very weak erection. The most expressed feature of organic impotence is disappearance of «spontaneous» morning and nocturnal erections (which normally take up to twenty-four per cent of rest periods at night)
  2. Erectile dysfunction of psychological type, in fact, does not eliminate occurrence of «spontaneous» morning and nocturnal erections, but when performing sexual intercourse erection either absent or disappears after a short period of time.

Impotence and its Symptoms

Not a comforting statistic by Canadian Health&Care Mall, concerning disease called erectile dysfunction, states the fact that more than thirty-five per cent of male population between ages of eighteen and sixty years have experienced disorders of genitourinary system functions in varying degrees.

Primary impotence symptoms include such signs as:

  • no natural erection during sexual excitement and spontaneous erections in the morning or in the evening. If, spontaneous erections are present, but natural erections do not occur, of course, this erectile dysfunction is related to psychological type;
  • weak erection. It is worth noting that decrease in number of erections within 24 hours, as well as loss of penis elasticity during sexual intercourse, can confirm the fact of organic impotence occurrence, which is explained by reasons of physical nature;
  • premature ejaculation. In case of male sexual sphere disorders, because of which ejaculation takes place before penis engages into sexual intercourse, as well as before occurrence of progressive movements, this phenomenon can be considered an absolute indicator venous circulation violation. In such cases condoms with anesthetic can help to prevent occurrence of ejaculation at early stage of coitus.

Symptoms of Psychogenic Impotence

It’s been a week and you still do not get high-quality sleep, because a large amount of work «came over»? You have to run around all day and come home late at night, completely exhausted. Dinner and shower are a real torture, as you have no strength left. Naturally, considering the above factors, high-quality sex is out of the question – you wish to have at least a couple of hours of sleep…

There is nothing new in the fact that erection because of body depletion is weak or absent at all. It doesn’t matter what factors in this case affect potency (anxiety, fear, depression, conflicts, psychological barriers and so on), the way out in such situation in presence of psychogenic impotence is unexpected and quick. After eliminating reason, potency problems disappear and everything normalizes. In this case you have erection arising in the morning and at night.

If, in process of sexual intercourse, you suddenly «lost» your erection, of course it affects sudden interruption of sexual intercourse.

Any healthy man from time to time can also deal with erection disorders, but it is not worth to worry about it. This can happen in case of some distress, since lack of erection of temporary character, is just a simple male body’s response to emerging circumstances.

Symptoms of Organic Impotence

It is a completely different situation when a disease or physiological condition, such as alcoholism, is the cause of problems with potency. In this case, weak erection will not be a surprise for you, as sexual function disorder tends to repeat regularly. At first – rarely, then it becomes frequent, and in absence of timely help it would become chronic. It is necessary to note that at first erection weakens, and only then completely disappears.

Alas, you do not notice your penis «awareness» every morning. And in the period of sexual activities, your «friend» can leave to the mercy of fate, without completing sexual intercourse, and «go to sleep» without any reason.

If your partner stimulates your penis mechanically, but even this procedure does not help to get your penis up, and you are currently not experiencing psychological discomfort, this is a reason for concern. If masturbation cannot affect rising penis, then it should be noted that this is the last sign of erectile dysfunction, and there is no more time to think, it is necessary to take measures.

Myths and Facts about Impotence

Myth 1. Erection problems is a fate of men over 50, if they occur in younger age – give up all hope.

Very often erectile dysfunction cause is a psychological trauma. Such a scenario is characteristic of men of all ages, and among young this is the most common cause of sexual problems. It is enough to suffer a failure once to acquire the so-called «set-up-to-fail syndrome»: next time a man tries to control his erection to exclude new failures. His head in this case is clearly needless as Canadian Health&Care Mall experts say, and they are a thousand times right. An expected failure will surely appear – a vicious circle appears. Fortunately, psychogenic impotence is completely reversible – sexologists advise to undergo several courses of psychotherapy and find a permanent partner, who will not pay attention to such one-time problem.

Myth 2: If you have prostatitis, you are almost impotent.

Advertising constantly connects chronic prostatitis with inevitable impotence development. Therefore, having heard such a diagnosis, men panic and begin to treat not only prostatitis, but also try to strengthen erection. This is where happy hunting ground for dietary supplements and various vacuum tumblers sellers is. In reality, situation is different: prostatitis, of course, can cause impotence, but not as often as they write about it. It is necessary to treat, but not only for achievements in bed.

Myth 3. Lack of morning erections is the first sign of impotence.

All men are different, some of them almost do not observe erections in early morning, but they have a full sex life. In addition, there is no nature law for mandatory erections in the morning. If erection during sexual intercourse is all right, but in the morning it does not appear, do not worry. If you noticed that erection weakens in early morning as well as during sexual activity, it is useful to consult a specialist.

Myth 4. All men after 70 years are impotent.

This opinion is mistaken. Partly this statistics may be connected to the problem of finding suitable partner, which would need it. And in general elderly men are still whew! According to various authors, from 30 to 50% of those over 70 years old remain «active».

erectile dysfunctionMyth 5: Men suffering from erectile dysfunction are not able to conceive children.

Or able to give birth only to children with various disabilities. On this subject a study was conducted, which did not reveal a clear link between erectile dysfunction and decreased ability to fertilize. There was an indirect one, but this was primarily connected to sperm cells dysfunction due to long-lasting chronic prostatitis and age of men complaining of impotence.

Myth 6. Woman’s reaction to failures in bed will surely be negative.

According to psychologists, women who have faced sexual weakness of their men, seldom react negatively. On the contrary, they acquire maternal instinct, desire to encourage upset by failure man, to calm him down and give another chance. In addition, a woman simply has to prove to herself that she can awake man’s desire, and will take every effort to do this.

Myth 7. Treatment is useless, erectile dysfunction is once and for all.

Nowadays, there are many ways to treat erectile dysfunction – from psychotherapy and medications to injections (when a medicine is injected directly into penis) and penile prosthesis. Consistent application of all techniques according to principle «from smaller to bigger» normalizes sexual life in 98% of men who get diagnosed «impotence».

What to do in this Situation?

Sexual energy at representatives of the strong half of humanity over years has a natural tendency to fade. However, this does not mean that every man, being in elderly age, becomes impotent. If a man is healthy, there will be no problems with reproductive system, regardless of age (whether a man is thirty or sixty-five). But to our disappointment, in ordinary life, we see presence of other not such positive examples. The conclusion is – take care of your health, starting from young age.

If you experience sexual weakness or other signs of impotence, Canadian Health&Care Mall recommends to immediately contact a qualified medical specialist. No matter what type of erectile dysfunction can be found in your case, the main thing is that it should be treated. Your chances of successful treatment will depend on timely visit to the doctor.