Role of Smoking in Occurrence of Erectile Dysfunction in Men

Influence of Smoking on Male Body

At the moment there is a huge number of men of reproductive age who suffer from erectile dysfunction. One of the most important reasons for development of this pathology is terrible environmental situation in most regions, but there are many other factors contributing to occurrence of erectile dysfunction. These include – sedentary lifestyle, irrational nutrition, psychoemotional factors, congestion in small pelvis (chronic prostatitis), hypertension, increased cholesterol, diseases of nervous system, diseases associated with endocrine system, etc. In addition, the strongest negative effect on sexual function of men is provided by smoking. Such a bad habit in short time leads to vascular damage by atherosclerotic plaques, which is why vasculogenic erectile dysfunction develops in men. Such vascular pathology is very difficult to correct and appointment of angiopreparations can only delay onset of sexual impotence. In addition to vascular damage, smoking negatively affects arterial and venous pressure, reducing difference between them. This phenomenon can not but affect pressure in vessels of penis, which plays a major role in onset of erection. In view of such pathological processes, erectile dysfunction of veinoocclusive type can develop, the so-called pathological venous drainage. With this type of disorder, cavernous bodies are unable to completely fill with blood, due to constant outflow through venous system, which prevents penis from becoming rigid (firm). At this pathology only surgery associated with bandaging of deep dorsal veins of penis can help.

smoking and erectile dysfunctionIt is very important not to confuse erectile dysfunction with psychoemotional disorders, on the background of which there is also a deterioration or lack of erection. The first symptoms at lesion of vessels of penis may be the so-called weak or insufficient erection. In order to accurately diagnose similar pathology, it is necessary to perform ultrasound examination with introduction of specific preparations into cavernous bodies. If during examination it was found out that erection disorder is associated with defeat of arteries of penis, as a consequence of prolonged tobacco smoking, then the solution to this problem can only be surgery.

Surgery types of treatment of such erectile dysfunction are numerous. This can be imposition of arterial anastomoses between large vessels and cavernous bodies of penis or, as the most extreme method, faloprosthetics. Application of anastomosis, as a rule, has temporary positive effect, since such formed vessels are very quickly clogged by atherosclerotic plaques and, ultimately, are thrombosed. All these methods of diagnosis and treatment, in addition to being costly and of temporary nature, do not guarantee that they will return fullness of sensations from sexual intercourse. In the end, all this leads to disability and faloprosthetics according to indications.

In addition to vasculogenic, smoking also has general toxic effect on the body. This can be expressed both in deterioration of general condition and effect directly, on sexual function, reducing testosterone in blood and leading to various sexual disorders. Reversibility of all these processes depends directly on duration of exposure to the body of the factors contained in tobacco smoke.

Proceeding from the above, think about whether to start smoking? If you have long been addicted to such a habit and do not have strength to quit, then try to at least limit consumption of cigarettes, which will be a big plus for general condition of the body, and the most important method of preventing erectile dysfunction.