Canadian Health&Care Mall about Myths and Facts about Allergies Treatment

Often people take for truth myths associated with asthma and allergies. Meanwhile, it is important to distinguish one from another, in order to effectively protect your health.

Can Animals Intensify Allergy Symptoms?

Myth: some dogs breeds, such as Chihuahuas, are better suited for people with allergies for pets and asthma.

Fact: allergic reaction causes specific protein found in dog’s saliva, dander and urine, animal hair does not play any role since saliva, dander and urine present in all, without exception, dogs, and, alas, there is no “soft” breeds for asthma and allergy patients.


Is it Possible to Cure Allergy?

Myth: asthma can be completely cured.

Fact: there is no way to cure asthma. However, when diagnosed correctly, and at proper drugs selection carried out by experienced doctor, asthma victim can have quite normal, active life. And the disease has almost no effect on it.

Is it Possible to “Run Away” from Allergy?

Myth: relocation to regions with dramatically different climates relieves allergies.

Fact: in fact, moving from region with certain climate and weather to a completely new place can save people from allergies for a few months. But then an allergic reaction to local plants will develop. Alas, escaping from allergies and asthma is impossible.

Can you “Outgrow” of Asthma?

Myth: with age asthma at children disappears.

Fact: asthma is a chronic state of hyperactivity. At some children asthma symptoms with age become milder, while at others they get worse, but airways hypersensitivity always remain. It is impossible to predict how this disease will progress at a child.

How Serious can Allergy be?

Myth: allergy is harmless skin redness or runny nose.

Fact: allergic disorders are very serious and must be treated properly. If left unattended, they rapidly worsen quality of life, including sleep and learning problems, as well as frequent absence at work. Untreated allergies are transformed into chronic respiratory diseases such as asthma and sinusitis. Some allergic reactions are fraught with anaphylactic shock. If patient does not get urgent assistance, he shall die.

Interesting fact: Pets Save Children from Asthma

There is good news for those who keep dogs at home. Canadian Health&Care Mall have shown that children who grow up surrounded by pets are less likely to acquire asthma.

Researchers from Uppsala University analyzed data from more than a million Swedish children and found that those who grew up in the same house with dogs by 13% less suffered from asthma.

“This is important because asthma is a common chronic disease, and parents may worry about whether presence of a pet in the house harms their child,” – says assistant professor of epidemiology department from Sweden Tov Fall.

Previous scientific studies also found association between asthma development at children and presence of a number of dogs and farm animals, but the results obtained previously were highly controversial. In particular, they talked about the fact that childhood spent on a farm reduces asthma risk at a child up to 50%.

Study by Sweden is the largest to date, it takes into account national registry data from January 2007 to September 2012. The results confirmed correlation between presence of pet dogs and their positive impact on baby’s health, but they, unfortunately, do not indicate why these animals are kind of asthma prevention.

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Asthma is a chronic pulmonary disease that causes dyspnea and, as a consequence, cough, wheezing and tightness in the chest. According to WHO, asthma is the most common disease among children, and in total it affects 234 million people worldwide.