Levitra No Rx on Canadian Health&Care Mall

Levitra is the latest scientific innovation for successful treatment of such disease as erectile dysfunction at men. Creating this means, pharmaceutists have considered shortcomings of other preparations of similar action, and have as a result received the tablets which are very effectively solving problems with a man’s potentiality.

Why Levitra?

The main distinctive feature of Levitra is speed of action, tablets begin to give desired effect in 20-25 minutes (and at some men even in 10 minutes) after intake that several times quicker in comparison with other similar pills. The main component of this preparation for erectile dysfunction treatment is active agent vardenafil which promotes relaxation of smooth muscles of cavernous bodies of men’s genital body and expansion of its vessels that substantially increases inflow of blood to it, causing a resistant and enduring erection.

Experts claim that by means of Levitra the man can solve two problems at once:

  • to get rid of erectile dysfunction;
  • to detain approach of an ejaculation, having prolonged time of sexual intercourse.

It is also necessary to know that Levitra doesn’t influence a libido of the man in any way, on mobility of germ cells and ability to impregnate an ovum. Levitra may be ordered at attractive price via Canadian Health&Care Mall and your sexual life will be revived again.



What are advantages of Levitra?

  • Levitra is highly effective means from the very first intake, irrespective of age and form of erectile dysfunction;
  • Meal and the use of alcoholic beverages doesn’t reduce efficiency of preparation;
  • Patients can take a pill with diabetes (http://www.healthdirect.gov.au/diabetes), they also have positive effect on potentiality after prostatectomy;
  • It is suitable for men aged 60 years;
  • The preparation is capable to reduce time of rest and recovery of the man between sexual intercourses;
  • Levitra is well had both at single intake, and at long regular consumption, without causing at the same time effect of accustoming.

How is it necessary to apply and in what doses to take Levitra?

The initial dose of preparation makes no more than 10 mg of vardenafil, and the recommended greatest possible dose is 20 mg. The greatest dose (20 mg) is usually appointed to the men having diabetes or prostatectomy as the initial dose in such cases will be ineffective. To elderly patients (60 years and more) enough half from starting norm is 5 mg ordered via Canadian Health&Care Mall.

After a while after a pill intake most of males (more than 90%) has a normalization of erectile function. It is possible to take Levitra not more often than once a day. The man who has used one tablet can be engaged in “pleasant business” for a long time – 8-10 hours. It should be noted that this preparation promotes approach of a desired erection only in that case when the man is sexually excited. In the absence of the so-called “sexual irritant” Levitra’s use or its generics won’t lead to emergence of an erection in any way.