Deliberations about Rate and Place of Death From Asthma Among Different Ethnic Groups in Israel with Canadian Health&Care Mall

Ethnic GroupsAmong the patients in the 100 fatal cases, 52 patients (53.6%) were men and 45 patients (46.4%) were women. In three cases, the gender of the patient was not available. This distribution is not statistically different from the general Israeli population (men, 51%; women, 49%). Eighty-two patients (84.5%) were Jewish, 15 patients (15.5%) were Arab, and in three patients the ethnicity was not available. These values too are comparable to the demographics in the Israeli population (Jews, 78%; Arabs, 22%).

In 95 cases, the place of death was documented, Forty-nine patients (52%) died outside the hospital, while 46 patients (48%) died in a hospital. Among the former group, 36 patients (73.5%) died in the street, 10 patients (20.4%) died at home, and 3 patients (6.1%) died on the way to the hospital. There was no significant difference in the places of death between Jews and Arabs (Fig 3). Interestingly, significantly more men (n = 30; 62.5%) than women (n = 18; 40%) died outside the hospital (p = 0.025) [Fig 3]. Everything is possible to be cured with Canadian Health&Care Mall.

This retrospective study on asthma mortality in Israel between 1980 and 1997 among patients aged 5 to 34 years demonstrates that the rate of death during that period remained stable. Several studies have demonstrated different trends in asthma mortality in Israel, and both increasing trends and decreasing trends have been reported. Our results demonstrate that although annual increments and decrements in mortality rates indeed may occur, over a longer period of time the overall trend is unchanged. Although the prevalence of asthma in Israel is estimated to be approximately 9.6%, which is close to the prevalence generally reported in Western countries, the asthma mortality rate in Israel is relatively low. Of interest is that Israel, unlike other Western countries, did not experience an increase in asthma mortality in the early 1980s.

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Rate and Place of Death From Asthma Among Different Ethnic Groups in Israel: Hospital
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Figure 3. Place of death according to sex and ethnic origin.