Causes of Erectile Dysfunction (Impotence)

Psychological Impotence

Since causes of impotence (erectile dysfunction) very often are not any physical abnormalities that occurred in the body of a man, but namely his psychological state, the problem grows like a snowball. The stronger a man is tensed, depressed and upset – the more likely the next failure, and the deeper the depression.

Such phenomenon is called «psychological erectile dysfunction», and it is widely distributed: probably, there will not be a single male at the age of 35 – 40 who would not have failed at least once in his life when attempting to have sexual intercourse.

There is nothing abnormal, as a rule, in this, because male sexual function is extremely dependent on psycho-emotional state of a man. Stress, fatigue, hard work can lead to temporary inability to commit sexual intercourse. But there are cases when cause of impotence is a disease. So, erectile dysfunction can be a consequence of diseases of central nervous system, vascular disease, diabetes, it can also develop as a consequence of treatment by taking certain medications.Erectile Dysfunction causes

Of course, no man will tolerate loss of his «masculine power», even if only temporarily, need to take measures is understood by everyone, but very often effective treatment of impotence is impeded by sense of shame, inability to admit to be «inferior» not to a stranger, but even to wife or partner.

A man begins to try to learn how to treat impotence on his own, under any pretexts avoids sexual contacts, and loses self-confidence, exacerbating the problem. Some try to solve the problem with the help of alcohol, others start to change partners. Both, as a rule, only strengthen psychological problems and aggravate state of central nervous system.

The Main Signs of Psychological Erectile Dysfunction

The main signs of impotence of psychological origin are:

  • presence of erection during sleep (for example, in the morning) or in involuntary moments and its absence in «the most important moments»;
  • erection and ability to ejaculate at manual, oral and other non-traditional types of communication.

Psychological impotence can be persistent, and coping with it alone is often difficult. Therefore, we recommend that you contact specialist who will provide psychological training, suggest using hormone therapy to increase testosterone secretion, or use other methods of treatment of erectile dysfunction.

The Main Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

For a long time it was believed that the main causes of impotence are psychogenic disorders or lack of testosterone. But studies of recent decades have shown that most often cause of impotence are organic changes in mechanism of erection.

  1. Psychogenic:

    • depression;
    • anxiety.
  2. Neurogenic:

    • neurotransmitter disorders at the level of spinal cord or brain;
    • injuries;
    • myelodysplasia of the spine;
    • intervertebral disc damage;
    • multiple sclerosis;
    • diabetes (peripheral neuropathy);
    • alcohol abuse (treatment of drinking bouts);
    • operations on pelvic organs;
    • hormonal deficiency.
  3. Arterial:

    • hypertension;
    • smoking;
    • diabetes;
    • hyperlipidemia (increase in level of fats in blood).
  4. Venous:

  5. Medicinal Products:

    • admission of antihypertensive drugs, antidepressants, luteinizing hormone and its analogues.
  6. Peyronie’s disease (curvature of penis).
  7. Multifactorial.