Seven Fears of Men that Cause Impotence. Tips for Women

Strong, brave, fearless – and each is a macho in bed. This is according to their words. In fact, it turns out that heroes-lovers have weak points, and behind verbal bravado lies fear.

In sexual relations, hidden fears are the main obstacle, restraining mutual trust and closeness arising from physical contact. Sometimes these fears are so strong that sex from pleasure turns into a duty. On the one hand, men are waiting for some trick on the part of partner, and on the other hand they constantly worry about their own solvency.

Role of Smoking in Occurrence of Erectile Dysfunction in Men

Influence of Smoking on Male Body

At the moment there is a huge number of men of reproductive age who suffer from erectile dysfunction. One of the most important reasons for development of this pathology is terrible environmental situation in most regions, but there are many other factors contributing to occurrence of erectile dysfunction. These include – sedentary lifestyle, irrational nutrition, psychoemotional factors, congestion in small pelvis (chronic prostatitis), hypertension, increased cholesterol, diseases of nervous system, diseases associated with endocrine system, etc. In addition, the strongest negative effect on sexual function of men is provided by smoking. Such a bad habit in short time leads to vascular damage by atherosclerotic plaques, which is why vasculogenic erectile dysfunction develops in men. Such vascular pathology is very difficult to correct and appointment of angiopreparations can only delay onset of sexual impotence. In addition to vascular damage, smoking negatively affects arterial and venous pressure, reducing difference between them. This phenomenon can not but affect pressure in vessels of penis, which plays a major role in onset of erection. In view of such pathological processes, erectile dysfunction of veinoocclusive type can develop, the so-called pathological venous drainage. With this type of disorder, cavernous bodies are unable to completely fill with blood, due to constant outflow through venous system, which prevents penis from becoming rigid (firm). At this pathology only surgery associated with bandaging of deep dorsal veins of penis can help.

What to Do at First Signs of Ereсtile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction does not refer to independent diseases, but is considered a syndrome that occurs on the background of another disease. It is characterized by insufficient volume and hardness of penis so that a man could perform sexual intercourse and complete it fully.

Normally, sexual intercourse for a man begins with sexual desire and love affection, continues with onset of erection, performing frictions, and ends with ejaculation and onset of orgasm. About erectile dysfunction we speak in those cases when one of components of this chain is violated, in most cases – ejaculation or erection.

Causes of Erectile Dysfunction (Impotence)

Psychological Impotence

Since causes of impotence (erectile dysfunction) very often are not any physical abnormalities that occurred in the body of a man, but namely his psychological state, the problem grows like a snowball. The stronger a man is tensed, depressed and upset – the more likely the next failure, and the deeper the depression.

Such phenomenon is called «psychological erectile dysfunction», and it is widely distributed: probably, there will not be a single male at the age of 35 – 40 who would not have failed at least once in his life when attempting to have sexual intercourse.

Signs and Symptoms of Impotence

There is no category of men in the world that at least once in their lifetime without haven’t experienced disorders with potency. And those members of the strong half of humanity, which experienced about two or three times absence of full erection, necessary in a particular situation.

There are so many circumstances by which «masculine dignity» can fail. What in one aspect can be normal and simply eliminated, in another – may be an indicator of erectile dysfunction (impotence) and require urgent professional treatment.

There distinguish such impotence symptoms as: organic and psychogenic.

erectile dysfunction

Impotence and its Types

There are types of impotence, which are presented in two major categories: organic and psychological.

  1. Erectile dysfunction of organic type is a state of male sexual weakness, which over time tends to increase and is explained by reasons of exclusively physiological nature. For example, problems with vessels. Symptoms of organic impotence: complete lack of erection, very weak erection. The most expressed feature of organic impotence is disappearance of «spontaneous» morning and nocturnal erections (which normally take up to twenty-four per cent of rest periods at night)
  2. Erectile dysfunction of psychological type, in fact, does not eliminate occurrence of «spontaneous» morning and nocturnal erections, but when performing sexual intercourse erection either absent or disappears after a short period of time.

Impotence and its Symptoms

Not a comforting statistic by Canadian Health&Care Mall, concerning disease called erectile dysfunction, states the fact that more than thirty-five per cent of male population between ages of eighteen and sixty years have experienced disorders of genitourinary system functions in varying degrees.

Primary impotence symptoms include such signs as:

  • no natural erection during sexual excitement and spontaneous erections in the morning or in the evening. If, spontaneous erections are present, but natural erections do not occur, of course, this erectile dysfunction is related to psychological type;
  • weak erection. It is worth noting that decrease in number of erections within 24 hours, as well as loss of penis elasticity during sexual intercourse, can confirm the fact of organic impotence occurrence, which is explained by reasons of physical nature;
  • premature ejaculation. In case of male sexual sphere disorders, because of which ejaculation takes place before penis engages into sexual intercourse, as well as before occurrence of progressive movements, this phenomenon can be considered an absolute indicator venous circulation violation. In such cases condoms with anesthetic can help to prevent occurrence of ejaculation at early stage of coitus.

Symptoms of Psychogenic Impotence

It’s been a week and you still do not get high-quality sleep, because a large amount of work «came over»? You have to run around all day and come home late at night, completely exhausted. Dinner and shower are a real torture, as you have no strength left. Naturally, considering the above factors, high-quality sex is out of the question – you wish to have at least a couple of hours of sleep…

There is nothing new in the fact that erection because of body depletion is weak or absent at all. It doesn’t matter what factors in this case affect potency (anxiety, fear, depression, conflicts, psychological barriers and so on), the way out in such situation in presence of psychogenic impotence is unexpected and quick. After eliminating reason, potency problems disappear and everything normalizes. In this case you have erection arising in the morning and at night.

If, in process of sexual intercourse, you suddenly «lost» your erection, of course it affects sudden interruption of sexual intercourse.

Any healthy man from time to time can also deal with erection disorders, but it is not worth to worry about it. This can happen in case of some distress, since lack of erection of temporary character, is just a simple male body’s response to emerging circumstances.

How TV Shows Are Helping Men with Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction occurs when a man is unable to achieve an erection or sustain it sufficiently long enough during sexual intercourse. This is a common problem for men. Generally, it is a normal and natural part of the aging process. However, this is no longer a permanent problem. Medicines from Canadian Health Care Mall are just one of the treatments possible.

In spite of the availability of treatments, most men tend to rather embarrassed about their ED problem. They tend to ignore it as well. This is something that should be avoided as it does not solve the problem. Moreover, impotence can affect relationships. Without the proper guidance from a therapist, men and their partners can suffer from a bad relationship.

Sexual intercourse

How Are TV Shows Helping?

These days, TV shows have begun to talk and discuss about impotence. This has proven to be beneficial in a number of ways. Here are some of the positive effects of these TV shows.

  • As TV shows are talking about ED, men are beginning to understand they should stop being embarrassed about it. Instead, they become encouraged in seeking out the proper treatments possible for their condition.
  • The shows also provide information about the links between lifestyles and erectile dysfunction. Men learn that they need to give up smoking and alcohol consumption among other things in order to reduce their susceptibility to ED.
  • Some of these shows even provide education and information on what exactly needs to be done in order to cure impotence. They give important information about the possible treatments as well.
  • There are also TV shows that encourage men to talk about their impotence problems with their partners. Together, they are able to overcome the problems and ensure a happy relationship or married life.

Talk about impotence problems with partners

Sex and the City and its effects on ED

The exposure provided by TV shows on issues such as ED can be beneficial. Sex and the City is one of the examples of such shows. Being rather popular, it has helped many men and their partners lead happy lives in spite of impotence. Here are some of the ways this show has managed to do so.

  • Sex and the City highlighted the role played by lifestyle choices and changes in impotence and its treatment.
  • The show enabled women to understand the problems being faced by their men when they are suffering from ED. Women have begun to show their support and help their men overcome the problems and get cured.
  • Depression is one of the common effects of impotence. However, this show helped men overcome their feelings of depression and stress as they realized that this problem can be cured with the proper treatment. Many of them were able to improve their quality of life greatly as a result.
  • The show also helped men understand that oral medications from Canadian Health Care Mall like Viagra can be viable treatments.

TV shows can have other beneficial effects on men suffering from erectile dysfunction and also on their partners. If you want to know what those effects are, you should visit this link:

Canadian Health&Care Mall Explains the Connection between Atherosclerosis and Erectile Dysfunction

Violations in vessels work are one more of the most common causes of erectile dysfunction developing. Earlier we already mentioned that during excitement on genital arteries the huge mass of blood which shouldn’t leave at the same time on veins arrives. Only in this case approach of good erection is possible. Proceeding from this situation, allocate 2 vascular problems causing erectile dysfunction. First, it is a small stream of the blood going to carvenous body on arteries, and, secondly, fast dumping of blood on veins.

At violation of arteries work serving carvenous body the bad, sluggish erection is observed, and the body is in a state which it is possible to call intermediate between excitement and tranquillity. If outflow of blood on veins is broken, the erection comes quickly, the carvenous body becomes quite elastic, but time of its stay in such state isn’t enough to have full sexual intercourse. You may sustain your erection utilizing Canadian Health&Care Mall’s service providing you with remedies directed to stimulate erection.



Atherosclerosis of large arteries and aorta, varicosity can be the reasons of such problems, endarteritis, aortic aneurysm, trauma of pelvic organs, genitals and crotch. Actually today the medicine pays not enough attention to clarification of the prime causes of erectile dysfunction connected with insufficient work of vessels. Separately it is necessary to tell several words and about such illnesses as diabetes and hypertensive illness at which vital issues with an erection can be also observed. At the same time the dysfunction connected with these diseases can be caused by one or at once several reasons from. Violations of nerve fibers sensitivity, the use of the medicines which are negatively influencing approach of full-fledged erection is about such factors as problems with vessels. Thus, to cure erectile dysfunction at such disorders of work of an organism is quite difficult but possible with Canadian Health&Care Mall.

Problems with a potentiality are quite often observed also at chronic prostatitis. At the same time negative influence on an erection is caused as the general exhaustion of an organism, and can be connected with psychological factors. The matter is that many men who have a chronic inflammation of a prostate gland cease to feel confidence in the man’s forces that leads to development of depression states. At chronic prostatitis you shouldn’t dismiss also the fact that the inflammation can reach also the nervous terminations passing through prostate and which are responsible for erection emergence. In order that erectile functions of an organism were completely restored, first of all it is necessary to cure prostatitis. By and large after carrying out anti-inflammatory therapy such patients need to register in consultation to the sexologist.

Levitra No Rx on Canadian Health&Care Mall

Levitra is the latest scientific innovation for successful treatment of such disease as erectile dysfunction at men. Creating this means, pharmaceutists have considered shortcomings of other preparations of similar action, and have as a result received the tablets which are very effectively solving problems with a man’s potentiality.

Why Levitra?

The main distinctive feature of Levitra is speed of action, tablets begin to give desired effect in 20-25 minutes (and at some men even in 10 minutes) after intake that several times quicker in comparison with other similar pills. The main component of this preparation for erectile dysfunction treatment is active agent vardenafil which promotes relaxation of smooth muscles of cavernous bodies of men’s genital body and expansion of its vessels that substantially increases inflow of blood to it, causing a resistant and enduring erection.

Experts claim that by means of Levitra the man can solve two problems at once:

  • to get rid of erectile dysfunction;
  • to detain approach of an ejaculation, having prolonged time of sexual intercourse.

It is also necessary to know that Levitra doesn’t influence a libido of the man in any way, on mobility of germ cells and ability to impregnate an ovum. Levitra may be ordered at attractive price via Canadian Health&Care Mall and your sexual life will be revived again.



What are advantages of Levitra?

  • Levitra is highly effective means from the very first intake, irrespective of age and form of erectile dysfunction;
  • Meal and the use of alcoholic beverages doesn’t reduce efficiency of preparation;
  • Patients can take a pill with diabetes (, they also have positive effect on potentiality after prostatectomy;
  • It is suitable for men aged 60 years;
  • The preparation is capable to reduce time of rest and recovery of the man between sexual intercourses;
  • Levitra is well had both at single intake, and at long regular consumption, without causing at the same time effect of accustoming.

How is it necessary to apply and in what doses to take Levitra?

The initial dose of preparation makes no more than 10 mg of vardenafil, and the recommended greatest possible dose is 20 mg. The greatest dose (20 mg) is usually appointed to the men having diabetes or prostatectomy as the initial dose in such cases will be ineffective. To elderly patients (60 years and more) enough half from starting norm is 5 mg ordered via Canadian Health&Care Mall.

After a while after a pill intake most of males (more than 90%) has a normalization of erectile function. It is possible to take Levitra not more often than once a day. The man who has used one tablet can be engaged in “pleasant business” for a long time – 8-10 hours. It should be noted that this preparation promotes approach of a desired erection only in that case when the man is sexually excited. In the absence of the so-called “sexual irritant” Levitra’s use or its generics won’t lead to emergence of an erection in any way.