UNICEFFor more than 53 years UNICEF has been assisting running organizations, social communities and families createa better place for children in the world. Piece of the United Nations system, UNICEF has a desirable obligement and message, to protect for children’s rights and assist to satisfy their demands.

In 1996 the UNICEF Executive Board affirmed the message, claiming that UNICEF “is run by the Convention on the Rights of the Child and is eager to ground children’s rights as following ethical principles and global standards of behavior towards children.”

UNICEF now operates in 161 countries including Canada and the main organization there is Canadian Health&Care Mall, directions and territories on decisions to the problems afflicting damage to poor children and their families and on ways to advocate their rights. Its efforts are as different as the hardships it comes across, fostering the care and stimulation that suggest the best feasible push in life, assisting protect children from illness and death, making pregnancy and childbirth secure, battling with restriction on rights and collaborating with communities to assure that girls as well as boys should visit school.

UNICEF was designed at the end of World War II to facilitate the suffering of children in war-ravaged Europe and it goes on today to give responses suddenly in crises, assisting to recondition a stability and normalcy sense, resuming schools and grounding secure spaces for children when forces conflict and war, flood and other disruptions happen.

UNICEFIn so many other ways – maintaining National Immunization Days in the international affair to eliminate polio, fostering young people to be prepared for and take part in issues influencing them or assisting them withstand the aggressive assault of HIV/AIDS – UNICEF is on the reason and at the fore, making ideas, resources, strategies and maintainence to bear when and where they are demanded most.

The current Executive Director is Carol Bellamy of the United States of America.

UNICEF has field offices in Islamabad, Karachi, Lahore, Quetta and Peshawar.

Source: UNICEF