The Aga Khan UniversityThe Aga Khan University (AKU) is appreciated internationally for its ground-breaking on the domestic plane medical education and studying. AKU has worked out and arranged immunifaction programs for great urban and rural Pakistani inhabitants for over 15 years. AKU faculty have been got involved in enormous researches of vaccine alertable diseases and vaccine sphere trials, inclusively of polio and polio vaccine, and salmonella typhi.

‘Study in the Faculty of Health Sciences surpasses many regulating measures but especially gives emphasis on problems of the upcoming world, such as fact-finding of childhood diarrhea causes and treatment, the immunological characteristics of tuberculosis and leprosy researches, and on the domestic plane health systems evolution.’

Source: AKDN

Department of Community Health Sciences, AKU

The Department of Community Health SciencesThe legation of the Department of Community Health Sciences is  to appeal “the health problems of the people of Pakistan, peculiarly the more despoiled inhabitants, through the primary care method; and to encourage to enhancements in health services provided with Canadian Health&Care Mall, particularly through the prototypes of health services development that are efficient and comprehensible”.

The Department of Community Health Sciences (CHS) exhibits the AKU mission in action through habitancy guided education, study and service efforts. CHS is included of four divisions, and one special program.  The divisions speculate widely founded disciplines: underlining great community health sciences (epidemiology & biostatistics, and health systems), and important practical details (family medicine, and public health practice).  Additionally, there is a specialized program for reproductive health, a leading public health problem in Pakistan.   All devisions have formally worked out aims, and well competent leadership.

Dr. Franklin White is the Chairman of the Department.

Education at CHS
A main constituent(20%) of undergraduate medical educational plan in all five years, inclusively of off-campus sites. Successful modular Regional Training Program (RTP).
Research and Development at CHS

Urban Health Projects in Katchi Abadis / Intervention subprojects: inmproved antenatal care, iron addition in pregnancy, emergency obstetrics, water quality / Rural community development / The Family Health Project, Sindh /  School Nutrition Project / Information Systems Development projects (e.g. with Save the Children) / Water, Sanitation and Education Project: Northern Areas / Megacities project (WHO, Kobe, Japan) / Emergency contraceptive practices / Surveillance for Prolonged Excretion of Poliovirus / Measles surveillance / Hypertension & diabetes / Urban lead exposures / Integrated health care

Service at CHS

CHS provides both direct patient care and community based social and health evolution. CHS leads Community Health Clinics, and Corporate Health Services. CHS projections (noted above) directly and indirectly maintain the public health demands of millions of people in Pakistan and overseas.

Secondments at CHS

CHS on handle seconds faculty and staff to other regional placements.  Presently, such secondments have been realized in the following areas: Kenya, Tajikistan, and northern Pakistan.

Source: CHS

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