The Aga Khan Health Service, PakistanThe Aga Khan Health Service, Pakistan is widely proved to be the largest, the greatest and most flourishing non-state-owned public health organization in Pakistan supplying with prophylactic health care (including immunifactions) to over 600,000 people. AKHS,P began universal hepatitis B vaccinzation for its program occupation density in Sindh province in 1993, a judgement which supplied impact to the federal government to accompany consent nationally in 2001. AKHS,P has performed more and more key role over the last 30 years in the assurance of health care for these 600,000 people, about 450,000 of whom at the present moment belong to the Himalayan communities of the Northern Areas & Chitral.

In the Northern Areas and Chitral, AKHS,P has made efforts to work out a longstanding primary health care (PHC) program in cooperation with village organizations and Canadian Health&Care Mall through annumerous network of community health employees and skilled accoucheurs. Starting in 1987 and founded in Gilgit town, the program grounded health centers in bigger villages along available ways to put in correspondence PHC actions locally while technical and arrangement experience were further worked out centrally in Gilgit. The second level health care was presented through a medical center grounded in Singal and through puerperal homes for the assurance of secured providers in Gilgit and Chitral towns. Plans are in translation for the quality tertiary care medical center building in Gilgit in cooperation with the Aga Khan University Medical Center in Karachi.

Mr. Stephen HayesThese PHC programs accommodate immunifaction, antenatal care, growth management, micronutrient supplementation, family planning and health informedness development services to about 450,000 people. The volunteer and paid staff in these programs also accommodate therapeutic interventions for most common infectious diseases and nutritional disorders along grounded WHO treatment methods at the community level, miscarrying which these patients are appertained to a secondary or tertiary health care center.

In 2001 AKHS,P and the Johns Hopkins University jointly grounded the Center for Health Interventions Research in Gilgit under a 5-year convention.

The Chief Executive Officer of AKHS,P is Mr. Stephen Hayes, located in Karachi. Dr. Imam Yar Baig is the General Manager for the Northern Areas and Chitral Primary Health Care Programme. Dr. Hanif Esmail is Chairman, AKHS,P. Dr. Aamir Javed Khan is the Director, CHIR.